Skin and Bones

NOTICE: S&B is taking a break. We will be back with a revamp mid 2019! Unravelling the Illegal and controversial industry that threatens global biodiversity.


Here are 8 things you can do today to help wildlife across the world:

NUMBER 1: (Should be pretty obvious by now) Don't purchase endangered animal products. If you are in the market for an exotic pet, think first and do your research into its origins.

NUMBER 2: Be aware of your product choices and vote with your purchases. Unsustainable Palm Oil is a leading cause of deforestation, habitat fragmentation and climate change. With information from the Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit you can see how easy it is to be an ethical consumer.

NUMBER 3: Download the Wildlife Witness App! The app allows tourists and locals to easily report wildlife crime by taking a photo, pinning the exact location of an incident and sending these important details to investigation teams with wildlife monitoring network TRAFFIC.

NUMBER 4: Donate. Time, money or supplies. Wildlife conservations, scientists and practitioners as well as rangers on the front line are often starved of these things yet they still go out and fight the war. Find your own species or wildlife cause that has resonated with you and donate to local charities and conservation projects that work in the region.

NUMBER 5: If you want a more flexible approach when donating your time, get involved in some Citizen Science.Try, Volunteers do not need any specialised background, training, or expertise in order to contribute to real academic research.

NUMBER 6: Some of you might not want to hear it but Eat Less Meat. Meat production uses massive amounts of water and land, and leaves behind devastating amounts of pollution. If you are serious about the state of the planet, get extinction off your plate.

NUMBER 7: Alternatively if you are a photographer willing to share some images or a conservationist, writer or wildlife enthusiast eager have your work potentially showcased on the site, please get in touch.

NUMBER 8: Get outside into nature and learn about the endangered species in your area The RSPB is a great place to start for those of you living in the UK.


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