Skin and Bones

NOTICE: S&B is taking a break. We will be back with a revamp mid 2019! Unravelling the Illegal and controversial industry that threatens global biodiversity.

SKIN AND BONES is proud to be a part of and support

a global network of early-career conservationists that are pioneers, innovators, and instigators that drive positive change and do not accept the status quo. 

Please Donate, if you want to support effective, grassroots, youth-led conservation projects that bring about solutions for the many challenges wildlife face today. Your donation provides the right resources to the right individual. In a broader sense, you are directly contributing to youth empowerment, engagement and leadership in the field of conservation!


Support for SKIN and BONES (courteous of Squarespace) comes from the DISTRACTION PIECES PODCAST, hosted by SCROOBIUS PIP.  


With this support SKIN and BONES was able to reach an entirely new audience and build awareness for species caught in the Illegal Wildlife Trade.


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