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What a difference a year makes; pangolin trade is still a threat even with the CITES international ban

It has been 142 days since 182 Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species unanimously voted to ban all international trade in pangolins and their body parts and supposedly save all 8 species. It has been 52 days since the new ban came into effect, and 16 days since the last multi-tonne seizure of pangolin scales in Thailand and just one day since the government of Cameroon took to the streets to publicly burn 3 tonnes of confiscated pangolin scales in a demonstration against illegal trafficking.  

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In a world where President Trump, sends little Eric and Donald Jr off to shoot African wildlife with luxury safari operator and the head of a hidden rhino poaching syndicate; Hugo Ras, let's not kid ourselves, wildlife protection was never going to be high on the political agenda. But now, among all the other hazards species must face, there might be a new obstacle in the way.

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Footprints and empty nests.

The Gull Islands off the coast of Poole, UK are supposedly inaccessible. Apparently not, as one local charity 'Birds of Poole Harbor' discovered when surveying the area in early May. Footprints and empty nests are what the researchers found, uncovering a crime where plunderers had stolen not just one or two but hundreds of hundreds of eggs.

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MAP: Where are the tigers?

Estimates are that 7'000 captive tigers reside in facilities across China and South-East Asia, where they are intensively bred for trade and commercial purposes. The interactive map below (created by tiger campaigners at EIA Internationalpinpoints where tigers are kept, facilities implicated in trade and planned facilities. Providing a glimpse into the murky world of tiger farming.  

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The tale of one Maverick and his own unconventional methods.

Making your own rules seems like the ultimate way to work in the 21st century.  When you throw in gangstas, criminals and casino dogs that will march you into the jungle and shoot you over an unpaid debt, the prospect gets a little more daunting.  Self-confessed troublemaker Karl Ammann is an Kenya-based undercover investigator, revealing how and why he goes an extra step to infiltrate wildlife criminal circles in Asia's Golden Triangle.

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