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Wildlife crime assessed, UNODC. The breakdown of Key findings.

Earlier this week World Wildlife Crime was assessed by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), 

With so much information in one report (differences in legal and illegal trade, the issues of organized crime, international and national legislation, wildlife laundering, the World WISE database, policy implications, species specifics, ....oh the list is endless), I cannot address it all in one post (that's what the actual report was written for, go ahead a read it), but luckily some key findings were put together and I am going to take my Friday night off and unravel some of them. 

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'So where do you see yourself in five years?' - The EU Action Plan on tackling wildlife crime.

This week the European commission adopted an EU Action Plan on tackling Wildlife Crime. It comes 7 months after the EU joined the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in July 2015. 

#EUWildlife #InOurHands #WWD2016

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Happy World Pangolin day! Let's see where this EDGE species is being hunted and smuggled.

Mapping Illegal Trade-  produced by the Environmental Investigation Agency, (and I'm a little bias towards as I personally had a hand in generating it) details pangolin poaching and seizure incidents spanning the last 15 years, since CITES placed a zero export quota on Asian species.  

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