Skin and Bones

NOTICE: S&B is taking a break. We will be back with a revamp mid 2019! Unravelling the Illegal and controversial industry that threatens global biodiversity.

    Tales of crime, corruption and conservation.


Wildlife trafficking is the USD $20 billion a year industry, that sees iconic and elusive species destined for illicit markets. It is the same illegal infrastructure that drives the illegal trafficking in drugs, weapons and humans.

From corruption, that undermines law enforcement efforts to advances in cyber-crime, all criminal syndicates and their activity in these global markets threaten, not only the individual species that are plundered, but also local economies and the overall environmental stability.


       SKIN AND BONES         
                    is an educational website aimed at highlighting not only the highly debated and fluctuating trade in ivory and rhino horn, but in other, less charismatic species which can often be overlooked and its effects on global biodiversity.  

SKIN and BONES is an ongoing project, over time curating resources and focusing on all angles of wildlife trade and conservation to give clear view on these often entangled topics of controversy


Josephine S Crouch.

Zoologist and wildlife trade researcher.

Youth for People and Wildlife Conservation network.



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